'I WISH I'D TRIED' is an exciting project created by Life Leisure, based in Stockport that provides a variety of sport and exercise sessions for adults aged 25 years+. Sessions are available across the town and open to anyone! Weekly sessions are accessible and affordable starting from as little as £1 per session.

'I WISH I’D TRIED' aims to inspire more local people to get into sport and the project has received £250k of National Lottery funding from Sport England’s Community Sport Activation Fund.

‘I WISH I’D TRIED’ aims to encourage local people to participate in one or more 30 minute sports activities a week. Participants can have a go at something new, something different or something they wish they had tried before.

Now there’s no excuse for saying 'I wish I’d tried' because now you can!

I Wish I’d Tried Timetable
I Wish id Tried

I Wish id Tried
I Wish id Tried
I Wish id Tried

Reward Card

Reward cards ‘reward’ you for attending regularly and provide participants with the opportunity to win prizes! At each session ensure you have the card completed by the Coach and once the card is complete hand your card in to an 'I Wish I'd Tried' staff member or coach so you are entered into the prize draws. Five participants will be chosen at random and will be contacted by email on how to claim their prize, so make sure you include your email address on your card! Dates of upcoming prize draws are as follows:

Friday 31st March, 30th June & 29th September '17.

Sport England Survey

Sport England are currently conducting a short survey to look at physical activity levels of the nation. As a key partner of Life Leisure we would very much appreciate if you could take a few minutes to complete this short survey. Results will help us and Sport England in devising future projects locally.

For more information on the project and sessions please contact Ross McGuigan on 0161 482 0924 or email Ross today.

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09.30-10.30Over 50s Keep FitLife Leisure Dialstone£2
11.00-12.00Over 50s Keep FitLife Leisure Dialstone£2
12:00-13:00Walking FootballLife Leisure Houldsworth Village£3
13:30-14:30Zumba GoldBairstow Community Centre, Reddish, SK5 7AP£2.50
14:00-15:00Strollercise (Parents & Babies)Life Leisure Romiley£3
18:00-19:00Bat & Chat - Table TennisLife Leisure Bramhall

(2 hours £4)

19.00-20.00Bat & Chat - Table TennisLife Leisure Bramhall

(2 hours £4)

19.30-20.30Let's Play BadmintonLife Leisure Priestnall£3
10:00-11:00Bat & Chat - Table TennisLife Leisure Dialstone£2.50
10:00-11:00Tai ChiOak House, Offerton, SK2 6AP£3
11:00-12:00Strollercise (Parents & Babies Exercise Indoors) Term TimeRose Walker Community Centre, Essex Ave, Cheadle Heath, SK3 0JA£2.50
11.30-12.30Introductory PilatesLife Leisure Dialstone£3
18.00-19.00Let's Play BadmintonLife Leisure Avondale£3
19:00-20:00Volleyball – BeginnersStockport Volleyball - Seashell Trust, Stanley Rd, Cheadle Hulme. SK8 6RQFREE
19:00-19:45Boxercise- Back to FitnessBridgehall Community Centre, Siddington Ave., Bridgehall, SK3 8NR£2.50
19:30-20:30Walking FootballKingsway School, Foxland Road Campus, SK8 4QX£3
19:30-20:30Zumba- BeginnersKingsway School, Foxland Road Campus, SK8 4QX£2
19:45-20:45Dodgeball - Ladies Only The Cheadle College, Cheadle Rd, Cheadle Hulme. SK8 5HA£3.50
10.00-11.00AerobicsAll Saints Church, Heaton Norris, SK4 1QA£3
10:00-11:00Strollercise (Parents & Babies)Cheadle Sports Club (SK8 1LA)£3
10:00-11:00Strollercise (Parents & Babies)Meet at Marple Memorial Park, SK6 6AX£3
14:00-15:00Walking FootballLife Leisure Houldsworth Village£3
18.00-18.45Let's Play BadmintonLife Leisure Bramhall£3
18.00-19.00Football - Just PlayStockport Sports Village£2.50
19.00-20.00Walking FootballReddish North End FC, Mike Doyle Centre, SK5 6JW Contact Rob: 07913 327167£3
19.00-20.00Rugby-FamiliesManchester Rubgy Club, Grove Lane, Cheadle, SK8 7NB (Visit www.manchesterrugby.co.uk)£2
19:30-20:30Let's Play BadmintonKingsway School, Foxland Road Campus, SK8 4QX£3
19:30-20-30Back to Fitness- BoxerciseKingsway School, Foxland Road Campus, SK8 4QX£3
20.00-21.00Zumba - BeginnersLife Leisure Dialstone£3
09.30-10.30Over 50s Keep Fit- Ladies OnlyLife Leisure Dialstone£2
11.00-11.45Tai Chi

Oak Tree Court , Cheadle (SK8 1EZ)

10:00-11:00Walking FootballLife Leisure Dialstone£3
10:30-11:30Strollercise (Parents & Babies Exercise)Life Leisure Dialstone£3
11.00-12.00Walking NetballLife Leisure Dialstone£3
13:00-14:00Zumba GoldBairstow Community Centre, Reddish, SK5 7AP£2.50
18.00-19.00Football - Just PlayLife Leisure Lapwing£2
19:00-20:00Boxing - Beginners Circuits (Female Only)Shinny's Boxing Gym, 19 Wellcroft St, SK1 3DF£2
19.00-20.00Back to Fitness/BoxerciseLife Leisure Dialstone£3
10.00-11.00Introductory Pilates (Free Refreshments)Life Leisure Avondale£3
10.30-11.30Over 50s Keep FitLife Leisure Dialstone£2
11.00-12.00Let's Play Badminton (Free Refreshments)Life Leisure Avondale£3
11:15-12:00Zumba - BeginnersHatherlow Sunday School, SK6 3DR£3
13:00-14:00Bat and Chat - Table TennisLife Leisure Dialstone£2.50
18:00-19:00Social Netball Life Leisure Dialstone£3
19:00-20:00Walking FootballLife Leisure Dialstone£3