Active Ageing in Stockport

Life Leisure and partners are committed to ensuring Stockport is a great place to live and that local communities have accessible provision in order to help create age friendly neighbourhoods. There are variety of programmes and sessions available to Stockport residents including I Wish I’d Tried and SMILE.

Active Ageing can provide many benefits for an older person. Some of the key benefits include:

  • Reduction in risk of diabetes, stroke and heart disease
  • Maintenance of muscle strength and improved muscular endurance
  • Reduction in anxiety, stress & depression
  • Improvement in long term overall well-being: life satisfaction, sleep and self esteem
  • Increased involvement in the local community and building on social/support networks
  • Reduction in social isolation 
  • Improved confidence in knowing what’s available locally

For more information and for advice on sessions contact Gareth Ball on 07800 764879 or email Gareth today.

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