Looking to try something NEW to get you active? 

'I Wish I’d Tried' is an exciting project created by Life Leisure. Based in Stockport, IWIT provides a variety of sport and exercise sessions, which are open to individuals over the age of 25 across the borough. Weekly sessions are accessible and affordable starting from £3 per session.

The project aims to inspire more local people to get into sport and encourage them to participate in one or more 30 minute sports activities a week. I Wish I'd Tried has a wide range of sessions and there’s something for everyone.

Participants are encouraged to have a go at something new, something different or something they wish they had tried before!

There’s no excuse for saying 'I wish I’d tried' because now you can!



Iwit Walking Netball 14Th Sept 2017 3

For more information, please email Lisa Arrandale today.

Follow us on Twitter @iwishidtried and Facebook /iwishidtried

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