actilife is an innovative online platform that will help you make positive activity and lifestyle changes. It has proven to be extremely successful for those who want to become more active but cannot visit a gym on a regular basis or for people who want to become more active but don’t know how to start.

Designed and developed by physical activity specialists, the programme connects with many mainstream activity trackers and free apps. actilife will help you better understand what being active really means!

So, whether you are looking to take the first step or are have already started your journey to increase your activity levels, actilife provides a platform where you can track your progress, set personal goals and even connect with a Coach who will can support you on your way.

Not only that, you can become part of the online actilife community and connect with like-minded people to make exercising more sociable and fun.

Take your first step today and become part of the ever growing actilife community.

For more information email us or call us today on 0161 482 0900 (option 7).

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