“When you’re getting frustrated that you’re not losing your baby tum and then you compare a picture to 1 month postpartum (ignore the tired faces), fitting in the gym when I can (difficult with a 6 month old!!) and walking around everywhere with the pram trying to get him to sleep - running round after him and up and downstairs pays off!

The human body is so amazing! It created and looked after my baby boy for 9 months (and stretched beyond belief!) and for that I'm so grateful.

The photos show me 1 month postpartum - 6 month postpartum

Shoutout to Life Leisure for providing gyms with great crèches!”


Katie, member at lifeLEISURE Houldsworth Village. October ’17






Elliot Coen



“After receiving a diagnosis of Type 2 Diabetes at the beginning of the year, I made the decision to tackle my diagnosis head on aiming to improve my health so I decided to join the gym. I joined Life Leisure Hazel Grove four months ago, and now take advantage of all the fantastic facilities at the centre, including the gym, swimming pool and wet room. It is a testament to the range of facilities and the support of the wonderful staff that I am pleased to now reveal I have managed to get my weight down to 120kg, 10kg less that when I joined. A hugely important factor in my success is the support I have received from the hugely encouraging professional gym staff”.

Kevin Durcan, member at lifeLEISURE Hazel Grove. September ’17









“I suppose I’m not your ‘average’ gym patron. But like many people, my aim is self-improvement and a desire to get into better shape. I’ve been lucky to have a fair bit of success in my short athletic career, but am always looking for ways to improve.

I was lucky enough to go to Rio 2016 and represent Ireland in Paracycling. I came away with a silver medal in the Time Trial on the road. And for most people this would probably be considered a success. But I had my sights set on gold, and didn’t quite have my best performance on the day, so was a little disappointed.

After Rio, I had to take a couple of months off due to injury, which meant that I wanted to carry on racing I would have a lot of ground to make up. Not only that, but I wanted to find ways to not just come back, but to improve. I decided to start incorporating gym work into my regular routine.

I started off slowly - coming to the gym (Life Leisure Stockport Sports Village) once a week. It wasn’t easy at first. I was overweight and out of shape. But I stuck with it and soon it got a lot easier. To help motivate me and improve faster, I started working with a personal trainer on site and getting regular physio work done. And the improvements started to come a lot faster!

Not everyone needs to be a world-class athlete to get something out of the gym. But the key to improvement (for me and for most people) is consistency. Even if you go just once a week, if you do it regularly, you will get something out of it.

I look forward to continuing to grow and improve, and I hope to once again take back the title of World Champion in the near future!”

Colin Lynch, Paralympic Clyclist and member at lifeLEISURE Stockport Sports Village. June ’17

Elliot Coen






“Hi, my name is Tamas and I’m a member at Life Leisure Houldsworth Village. I got familiar with a little rusty old school gym in my town when I was around 14. In my childhood, I was the “fatty” guy at school, but always wanted to be strong and muscular. From 18 - 25 years of age I was in and out of bodybuilding because of study, personal issues and work.

I have been training now for around 3 years continuously, however, my first 12-week powerlifting preparation started in November 2016 for my very first competition in the Manchester and Merseyside Championship at the end of January 2017. I finished 3rd in my weight category (-120 kg bodyweight: 116.2 kg) with a 640kg total (squat 210kg/bench 170kg/deadlift 260kg). I was so happy that my dream had come true and that I reached my weight goal. So much work, concentration and will power were needed to achieve it.

My second competition of the year was a Push Pull 2017 North West in Stalybridge. I only competed in the bench element and I won my weight category (-120 kg bodyweight 117.4 kg) with a 165kg result. I also attended a charity deadlift event on 2nd April this year, taking 1st place in my weight category (-120kg bodyweight 116.8 kg).

This September I will be participating at the North West Championship and in October at the British Classic Championship. My aim is to do 710kg in total, and I will do it because I can! Hard work always pays off.

I eat plenty of quality food, I train like a beast and perform 110% on every session. The most important thing is to stay focused on my goals and think positively.

A big thank you to Arnies Powerlifting Club member David Gibson and his coach Roy, I have received so much help and motivation from them throughout my training plan”.

Tamas, member at lifeLEISURE Houldsworth Village. May’17

"Hi, my name is Rebecca, I started visiting Life Leisure Stockport Sports Village last March after not stepping in a gym for the best part of two years. Instantly I signed up for the Lean4Life course as I needed that added motivation, and I have been continuously on the course until present...as cliché as it sounds I genuinely wouldn't look back.

It’s been an amazing journey, I've seen my strength improve, my mental attitude towards weight loss change (I gained weight, yet dropped a dress size), and most importantly my confidence grow. I can now come into the gym and happily use equipment I would have never dreamt of before.

I am now 7 months pregnant and have undertaken Lean4Life throughout my pregnancy, I'm not going to lie, it's been tough, but (despite my 'occasional' whinging) I've had the continued support, motivation and encouragement of Miles throughout, and honestly I couldn't have done it without him. He has made exercising in pregnancy achievable and kept additional weight gain at bay, I am genuinely surprised at how healthy and fit I actually feel...I genuinely look forward to our next session.

My next goal, is to have my baby, recover and then get straight back into the course. Hopefully, build my strength and try to get back to where I was pre-pregnancy and ready for my wedding next year.

I would wholeheartedly recommend the course to anyone, especially if like me, you are looking for a healthy lifestyle change.

Additional thanks to all the trainers, I've had the privilege of training with Lauren, Ryan and Scott too, and all have been exceptional!"

Rebecca Walsh, member at lifeLEISURE Stockport Sports Village. April’17

Elliot Coen


"Hi, my name is Dan, I've been a Life Leisure member at Hazel Grove since the start of the year and I’m training to enter the RAF. Training is becoming my life as I come to the gym at least 6 times a week, hopefully with a successful outcome!"

Dan, member at lifeLEISURE Hazel Grove. April’17

`I was looking to lose some baby weight (9 years after having my daughter) as I was diagnosed with autism 3 years ago. I was very aware I needed to find the right environment to work out in, or it would be pointless. I have definitely found it at Life Leisure Houldsworth Village! The staff are wonderfully friendly and always happy to help and always encourage me to find the right way to work out. The instructors are very knowledgeable and great at keeping you motivated. I have made lots of friends at the gym and look forward to visiting on every occasion. Overall a great place for people of all shapes and sizes!`

Lisa Koble, member at lifeLEISURE Houldsworth Village. April’17

Elliot Coen


'I absolutely loved doing the Fit4Life course at Life Leisure Avondale and so pleased with my results! My fitness has improved massively and it's given me the boost I needed. All the fitness trainers have been amazing and all so supportive! Loved every minute of it! Can't wait for the next one! '

Hayley Furey, member at lifeLEISURE Avondale. January’17

‘’Training at Life Leisure Hazel Grove has been really helpful in keeping me fit and healthy while in this transition period of finishing my elite gymnastics career. After training 5-6 days a week for 16 years as a gymnast, I wasn't sure how to train just for myself, rather than for a competition! The trainers were so helpful and took the time to design a programme that was right for me and what I wanted to get out of my sessions. With a fabulous fully equipped gym and studio that provides a range of classes, I have everything I need to keep myself motivated and active’’.

Hannah Whelan, Ex-Olympic gymnast & member at lifeLEISURE Hazel Grove. December ’16


Elliot Coen



 “Following a period of feeling unwell, after retiring from work, I decided to go to the doctor. After a series of tests I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes. I was advised about things I could do to help reduce the symptoms including physical activity.

So I initially decided to start walking, starting off with a loop of the block and then upping the distance as the days/ weeks went by. I started to feel better for it, although I wasn’t really enjoying it as much, particularly when getting rained on!

I had a routine appointment at the doctors and told my GP about what I had been doing in terms of walking, but that I was losing some motivation and then he told me about the PARiS scheme in Stockport. I decided to give it a go and was referred into the scheme.

When I first arrived at Life Leisure Hazel Grove I felt really supported and welcomed by Ian, the PARiS specialist and all the other staff at the centre. As I became more aware of how much difference my lifestyle could make to my Type 2 Diabetes I took the decision to reduce my alcohol intake and stopped smoking.

My confidence has grown in the gym through regular contact with my PARiS coach, now Claire, both Claire and Ian have been really encouraging and helped to challenge me to progress with my exercise. I am really enjoying the connection with new people, both staff and members. I feel part of a community. I can also feel the benefit of all the exercise both in terms of my fitness and weight loss too. It is becoming a real passion of mine and I am now attending the gym twice a day during the week, mixing up my weights with cardio and swimming. Forming new friendships and feeling at home in the centre.

I have recently joined the Diabetes Expert programme to help me improve my understanding of the condition and get other advice regarding nutrition, etc. I look forward to maintaining my healthier lifestyle with my ultimate aim to reduce the medication I require.”

Chris Harrison, member at lifeLEISURE Hazel Grove. December 2016


“I am a full time working mother with five children, and was busy concentrating on work and family so my weight ballooned and general fitness deteriorated.  I was so lazy parking as close to work as possible and even getting the lift to go up one flight of stairs.  Through work I was introduced to actilife, an online interactive programme with remote coaching which helps people become more active and better manage their weight.  And then in April of this year I was introduced to the facilities available at Life Leisure Grand Central, at which point my life changed even more!  Grand Central have lunchtime ‘fast classes’ which is basically interval training in short ½ hour sessions.  Well, these classes fitted in great with my day and I started going 3 times a week.  WHAT A DIFFERENCE!!! 

Since April I can now do things I did not think possible, joining my children in cycling and rowing activities.  Usually they would miss out as they need an accompanying adult, but this year’s family holiday was completely different.  The content of the fast classes is different every day, from cardio, to Boxfit, to strengthening and much much more, it never becomes repetitive.  The gym staff are wonderful. Danny and Harry’s support have been invaluable, they made the difference, supporting  me and having the confidence in me to do it.  I have come on in leaps and bounds, I walk straighter, take the stairs and have a lot more confidence as I am feeling absolutely great.

Grand Central is an amazing place, the staff are wonderful and very supportive from the reception to all in the gym.  Everyone who uses the gym are also great, giving each other a word of support and congratulating achievements. It is one of the best places to be. It is remarkable how getting fitter makes you feel, both mentally and physically and I would recommend Grand Central to everyone, especially the lunchtime fast classes.  Oh and to top it off I recently won the Gym Challenge, which got me two month free membership, definitely buzzing now!”

Eraina Smith, member at lifeLEISURE Grand Central. December ‘16

Elliot Coen



“Hi, my name is Sandra. I attend the Fit4Life 6 week course. The coaches here all push me to my limits, but overall that’s what I need, 45 minutes of tough exercise!

After each session I feel brilliant so I come back for more. Health & Fitness Coach Kathryn is really supportive, and pushes me so I can really see results. My overall fitness has improved and my clothes fit better, I feel so much better for it!”

Sandra Johnson, member at lifeLEISURE  Hazel Grove. November ‘16












“Hi, my name is Debbie, I have just completed the 6 week course Fit4Life at Life Leisure Avondale and can honestly say I have had the best time exercising ever! Damon, David and Nicole are an inspiration and just the tonic one needs to get out of bed in the morning. We have laughed for the whole 6 weeks, and I’ve have lost around 8lbs, toned up and my energy levels are astounding. I’ve also have made some super friends along the way. Will DEFINITELY be doing it again next time. Thank you so much guys... “

Debbie McEwan, member at lifeLEISURE Avondale. November ‘16

Elliot CoenDebbie (far right) Fit4Life course attendees and Health & Fitness Coach Damon (centre)














“Hi, my name is Nicola. I joined Life Leisure in January after some time away from exercising due to an injury. I had tried to get back into it towards the end of last year, but couldn’t stay motivated. January came around, New Year, new me and all that, so I decided to take a look at the gym in Romiley. 

During my first Inspire session I was told about the Fit4Life course. I was impressed with the course and the 1-2-1 training sessions and decided to give it a go. I met Chris at my first session where he took my stats and asked me what my goals were. He immediately made me feel at ease and relaxed and I was looking forward to training with him. 

I’m now halfway through my second Fit4Life course, so obviously the first one was a success!

Chris came up with different routines each week, all with my goals in mind. He kept each session interesting and fun and pushed me to my limits without scaring me off. The six weeks were soon over and I was really excited to get my stats taken again so I could see what physical progress I had made. I was overwhelmed! The results were amazing. Obviously this wasn’t just down to the exercise (sorry Chris!), diet played a big part too. The thing was, knowing I was going for these sessions really spurned me on with the diet side of things. If the sessions weren’t as good, varied and interesting as they were, I may not have been as motivated with my diet.

Towards the end of the six weeks I started training with Lisa once a week as well, the times she worked fitted in better with when I could come for the second session. Lisa has been just as amazing as Chris. She really pushes me, keeps me motivated and keeps things interesting. 

What I really like is the way Chris and Lisa work together. They look at the kind of training the other one has been doing with me and tailor their sessions to suit each other. They have chats about my training when I’m not there. You really get the impression that they are committed to ensuring I get the best out of my time with both of them, which is exactly what you need from trainers. 
As you can tell, I have loved my Fit4Life sessions. The value for money is outstanding. I can’t recommend this course enough. If you are thinking about doing it, stop thinking, just do it, it is fab!!”

Nicola Jones, member at lifeLEISURE  Romiley. July ‘16



“A big thanks to staff at Life Leisure Romiley for giving me a guided kick start to my fitness. 6 months ago I signed up for Fit4Life course which was so challenging initially but a fantastic way to learn about fitness and how to continue and maintain a healthy positive fitness level. Now I am addicted!! I never imagined ever running a half marathon but did, with help and careful guidance from Lisa Hamilton. It's the best thing I have done for myself in a long time.

I also signed up for ‘My Fitness Pledge’, my pledge being to get ready for two more half marathons, the Manchester to Blackpool Bike Ride in July and the Glow in the Park 5K.”

Sue Warren, member at lifeLEISURE Romiley. July ‘16

Elliot Coen

 “My name is Claire Buckley and I began my fitness journey in January 2016 when a friend introduced me to the gym. I moved to Romiley in April 2015 and was previously a slimming world group member but hadn’t used a gym before. Once I moved I let my healthy eating slip and by Christmas I was 2 dress sizes bigger, lethargic and stuck in a rut. 

After the 2 free visits I was hooked, Chris Walker tailored a programme to meet my initial goals – become fitter and toned. I go to many classes at Romiley – BLT, BodyPump, Kettlebells, Abs Blast, HIIT and use the gym for cardio and weight training. The classes are fun and the instructor ensures correct technique is used. There is always a friendly, helpful member of staff on hand in the gym whenever you need them.

I noticed results in 3 months and tweaked my programme to ensure I remained on track. I have regular checks on the Inspire programme where they measure my body fat, weight, BMI, and measurements of my arms, legs and waist. They also ensure I remain hydrated. These checks really keep you on track and motivated – as do all the staff! 

I also follow a healthy eating plan. I am determined and focused and I know I can achieve my goals with the support of the fantastic team at Romiley”.

Claire Buckley, member @ lifeLEISURE Romiley. June ’16

“In July 2014 just after I reached 51 I was told I had to have a hysterectomy. My son, Simon Booth is a Personal Trainer and politely told me to ‘get my backside in the gym’. He had concerns that I was already overweight by 3 stone and if I didn’t lose some before my scheduled surgery in the coming October I would really struggle.

I reluctantly let him measure me, weigh me and take a photograph (so glad I let him now as this photo inspires me and I would advise anyone to do this!) As he doesn’t live near enough for me to go to his gym, I joined Life Leisure Romiley. Simon wrote me a programme to follow, gave me nutritional advice and the results started to show.

I had my surgery at the end of October 2014 and had lost 1 stone 3lb. I was restricted to only walking and swimming for the first few weeks post op. I turned up for a swim one day and it was Katie’s Aqua Aerobics class so I thought I would give it a go. This was a great way to gradually build up my fitness levels and I gradually increased the classes to three times a week. I also followed a new programme in the gym that my son had set for me.

By March 2015 my fitness levels were so good that I completed ‘Tough Mudder’ aged 51. When the pool closed for repairs in November 2015 I decided to try some of the classes in the studio, Body Conditioning with Ryan, Body Pump with Lauren, Aerotone with Collette and Aerobics with Katie. This is when I really started to see more weight loss and toning.

Since January 2016 I’ve had Carpel Tunnel surgery to both wrists. All the instructors have been supportive and given me lots of alternatives to be able to continue the classes whilst recovering. I have now lost almost three stone but more importantly 30 inches of fat, dropped three dress sizes and feel great!

Many reviews I read on forums about having a hysterectomy say women gain weight after this surgery, especially around the waistline.  I proved this wrong. I have lost nine inches from my waist.

I have achieved this by having the initial encouragement from a personal trainer, good nutritional advice, fun classes and great supportive instructors.

A very much happier Shirley Booth”

Shirley Booth, Member at lifeLEISURE Romiley. June '16

Elliot Coen


'Health and physical stature was all good and going pretty well to being aged 35. I played a lot of football and had kept myself in reasonable shape. I always carried a few pounds more than required but felt quite comfortable with it. As the bones started to creak and the recovery process became longer than it had in my 20s I decided to hang up my size 11s. I consider myself an average working guy and life has been pretty good. I hadn’t realised that my lack of exercise and love of a chip butty and a few lagers had started to take its toll on my waistline. This alongside having arthritis in both knees was a good excuse to put the 'STOP' sign up on ‘Exercise Avenue’. Kidding one’s self that it’s an age thing and the next size up in clothing is the way forwards is not really the approach I should have adopted. Alas, for nearly 2 decades, it is exactly what I have done.

Whilst being wrapped up in my normal life I suspect I have ignored what had been happening to my own wellbeing. A run of the mill visit to the local medical centre at the turn of this year has been a light bulb moment. After a few tests and checks, I failed my MOT quite miserably and was told in no uncertain terms that if I didn’t wake up and change my lifestyle, I may not see another candle added to my birthday cake. So what many would consider the obvious has to become a part of a new regime. Be aware of my diet, my alcohol intake and do some exercise. Hahahaha, exercise, that’s for younger people. 

I was offered a referral to the PARiS scheme and decided to have a look at my local Life Leisure gym in Cheadle. I made an appointment and was inducted by a young gentleman named Anthony who was an absolute star. We discussed what I wanted from the scheme and what my short and long term goals were. We discussed my capabilities and he gave me a programme to start with and to see how things went.

I am now visiting 3 to 4 times a week and am doing a little routine that I am comfortable with and appears to be working. I have seen the first pounds disappear and my blood pressure greatly reduce. I am aware it is a long term project but I’m prepared for the long haul and now feel confident of seeing another birthday. I cannot commend the staff at Cheadle enough, all are friendly, approachable and knowledgeable. The facilities are excellent and the other members are respectful and are obviously there for their own goals. I would like to think that my goals are now visible rather than not being there at all. Short term and long term is basically to stay alive a lot longer than was previously on the agenda. I would recommend giving it a go to anybody'.

Carl Roe, Member at lifeLEISURE Cheadle. June '16

‘I joined lifeLEISURE 3 years ago. Since joining I have lost both weight and inches. I really enjoy the classes, largely due to the fantastic lifeLEISURE team, who are friendly and motivating. I have made friends and find the facilities available excellent and classes varied. I can honestly say that after a life time of not exercising that I now wonder why I stopped!

My son Charlie also joined and attends the junior gym classes with Amber and Louis and loves coming. He partake in the monthly gym challenges and always gives 100% effort. I am a really proud mum!’

Claire Hibbs, Member at lifeLEISURE Houldsworth Village. May ‘16

Claire Hibbs with son Charlie Hibbs


“The Weights4Women Course is a really great way for you to get introduced to the gym!

After religiously going to Spinning and BodyPump classes 4 times a week, I decided I needed to challenge myself, and what better way than training in the gym with a group of like-minded women.

I was a little apprehensive of going into the gym as it always looked daunting, so this was the perfect excuse to get training in the gym and also get more familiar and comfortable with the layout and equipment.

To my surprise, there were only 2 of us doing the course (with a max class size of 4)! I was shocked as I really found it to be value for money. When you break it down, you are getting a personal trainer, twice a week, for a great price!

Our trainer Aaron was amazing! He always pushed us to increase our weights and motivated us when we thought it was impossible. The week by week training plan was well thought out and covered a variety of exercises for each part of the body. Aaron showed us each exercise before we did it and made sure we maintained the correct form.

I looked forward to our training sessions each week and couldn't believe how quickly the 6 weeks flew by! During our last session, we both noticed a big difference from where we had started in week 1. We had increased our weights and also had a better understanding of the gym and the equipment.

The Weights4Women course has laid the foundation for me having the confidence to exercise in the gym and I enjoyed it that much that I have now enrolled in the Inspire program.”

Claire Soper, Member at lifeLEISURE Houldsworth Village. April ‘16


"In April 2015 after gaining weight through depression I weighted 17 and a half stone. I knew I had to change something in my life to help better myself mentally and physically, lose weight, improve my strength and shape up. I was introduced to group exercise classes. After trying it at my local gym I found them fun and beneficial. 

In May 2015 I joined lifeLEISURE and continued to do the classes I had enjoyed and so many more classes with the wide range lifeLEISURE offer. At the beginning of September my friend told me about a BodyPump and BodyCombat new release launch at lifeLEISURE and recommended that I try it. After doing the class releases I loved the classes so much I decided to book on every week and have never looked back.
Since then I have continued to do these classes and through exercise and nutritional advice I have been able to better motivate myself, lose 5st and gain overall strength both mentally and physically.

I am now at a stage where I feel happy again and have continued to try other classes that lifeLEISURE offer that continue to drive my passion and help me achieve my goals”.

Scott Divilly, Member at lifeLEISURE Hazel Grove. April ‘16



'I started using the lifeLEISURE gym in Marple in 2009. The practice nurse at my GP surgery introduced me to the idea as I have diabetes. She recommended the PARiS scheme so I visited the gym and found I was not alone and there were many other elderly folk just like me participating in the scheme. I started on a suitable exercise programme for beginners. The PARiS staff were really helpful with advice and tips and over time I was able to increase my muscle tone and even get stronger.

The best thing about taking part was that it created a feeling of well-being for me. I found friends would comment, saying I looked younger than my age! Now in 2016 I still keep up my fitness routine. I would like to thank the PARiS team and lifeLEISURE staff for helping me on my journey.'

Mike Cannon, Member at lifeLEISURE Marple. February ’16


‘Hi my name is Elliot. I enrolled onto the Fit4Life course with Health and Fitness Coach Ben at lifeLEISURE Priestnall for 6 weeks as I was finding my training was becoming a bit repetitive and demotivating. My first initial fitness test, involved doing a 1,000 meter row, press ups, crunches and burpees for 1 minute. Over the next few weeks I worked hard and I even joined extra classes in addition to attending my Fit4Life sessions. My friends & family started to see improvements after only 3 weeks. At the end of the 6 week course it was time to do the fitness test again. I managed to shave 11 seconds off his 1,000 metre time and beat my previous 1 minute press up, crunch and burpee tests too. Also my technique on all exercises has greatly improved’. 

Elliot Coen, Member at lifeLEISURE Priestnall. January '16

Elliot Coen


‘After being told to lose weight and lower my BMI for an operation last June, I decided to call into lifeLEISURE Houldsworth Village and sign up. On speaking to Dave he advised me to sign up to the ‘New You’ course, a six week course that would give me a kick start and introduce training methods I could carry on myself in my own gym workouts.

The results have been amazing. A combination of weights, circuits and cardio, along with the motivational support of the trainers, saw an overall loss of 33cm at the end of the course. I was so overwhelmed, I signed up again to the next course and lost a further 24cm with a total weight loss of two stone over the twelve weeks. I was so impressed and the results so obvious, three of my friends signed up to the next two ‘New You’ courses with me! My body shape changed, my body fat lowered. My body strength is amazing and above all my confidence has grown. I have met some wonderful people along the way and made true lifelong friends.

I was asked to provide ‘before pictures’ with my story, but I was previously so embarrassed and unhappy with myself, every photo taken of me was deleted, so I can't do this!I can't recommend the course highly enough. Literally, life changing'. 

Sally Scully, Member at lifeLEISURE Houldsworth Village. December '15

‘Hello, my name is Clare. I had my beautiful baby boy in 2010 and despite walking every day during the pregnancy and after,  and losing the ‘baby weight’ within a week or two I just wasn’t happy with my body shape, I didn’t feel fit and was getting thoroughly fed up.

Then I popped into lifeLEISURE Houldsworth Village and met Dave, my little (big) life saver! He suggested I join the ‘New You’ course. I somewhat nervously agreed but have never looked back. Trainers including Dan, Lisa and Louis all changed my view of exercise and what body measurements really matter. I lifted weights for the first time and even after the 1st course I had muscle definition that I’d never had before.

I went on to do the course four times, just because I loved every minute of it. It is hard work but it’s definitely worth it.  Better still I have met a wonderful friend through attending the course who is now my workout buddy…which has turned exercise into much more of a social event!Would I recommend it? Without doubt!’

Claire Redfern, Member at lifeLEISURE Houldsworth Village. November '15



‘Hello, my name is Cody. My journey started in April 2015 when I had saw a photo of myself and I couldn’t believe the size I had reached. When I stood on the scales they read a sickening 17 stone 7! I used to think I carried it quite well, but I was noticing more and more that I was getting out of breath going up the stairs and doing simple things. So I decided enough was enough and my girlfriend and I joined lifeLEISURE in Romiley. I have to admit I have been a member of a gym before, but after a month of motivation it fizzled out and I stopped going. This time I was determined to stick to it and get fit. I started watching what I was eating and tracked calories using My Fitness Pal and regularly going to the gym and attending classes. Before I knew it the weight was dropping off and this was just spurring the motivation even more. I got to a point where I stopped noticing any difference so I decided to take a new photo – the second photo on my journey and I couldn’t believe what I was seeing! It was working! Knowing that it is down to my hard work and dedication is what makes the results all the more satisfying. I thought I would find it difficult to get to this point but, and I hate to be ‘one of those people’, it really wasn’t. OK, admittedly the first week or so was hard in that I didn’t know what real hunger was, but once you get into the swing of things it starts being part of you and your routine. Now I find myself getting antsy when I can’t make it to the gym and I always know how many calories I have consumed and how many I have left for the day!

I still have a way to go; the last time I checked I weighed 13 stone 11 and I my goal is to reach 12 stone 4 (after which point I will put more effort into building muscle). I feel fantastic – it’s a cliché, but it’s true: I have more energy, I look better and I feel great. The only downside is constantly having to buy new clothes, but hey-ho!’

Cody Ryan, Member at lifeLEISURE Romiley. November‘15

“Hello, my name is Garry and I am a 56 years old. On 31st March 2014 I had a minor heart attack. I didn’t realise what had happened until I was admitted to Stepping Hill Hospital where I was seen to very quickly. Later that week I underwent a procedure to have a stent fitted at Manchester Royal Infirmary, and the following day I was discharged. I was advised to join the Stepping Hill Hospital gym where two fabulous nurses told me and my wife that they would give me back the confidence to live my life to the full. They did just that. After 8 weeks I was referred to lifeLEISURE to start on their GP Referral (PARiS) scheme. I was introduced to Ian who devised a fitness regime specifically for me. 18 months later, I am running 6-8 km, three times a week along with other exercises.

It has changed my life and that of my wife as she also joined lifeLEISURE and attends three times a week with me. We love going, and have both lost weight and we also love the sociable side to the gym and the friendliness and helpfulness of the staff. Thank you so much to everyone involved in my recovery.”

Garry Taylor, Member at lifeLEISURE Hazel Grove. October ‘15



‘Hi, my name is Paul, I’m 26 and I have been a member at lifeLEISURE Stockport Sports Village for 18 months. The atmosphere at the gym is something I really enjoy, I get to meet people from all different walks of life with different backgrounds that somehow manage to find a common interest talking about fitness, etc. I have recently been taking part in body conditioning and circuit classes, which have had a massive positive impact on my overall fitness. I also feel that my cardiovascular fitness and overall strength has improved dramatically.

The staff are a huge reason I still come to Stockport Sports Village. I have been a member at a lot of gyms and I have never been to one that makes you feel as welcome. Not only do I get good advice on different training methods to experiment with, I constantly find myself being challenged physically by the fitness coaches, which I love.

I love the gym challenges, especially the recent plank challenge. My core strength has always been a weakness of mine, but with Miles (fitness coach) constantly asking me to improve my score I have found my core strength gradually getting better which have shown in my times’.

Paul Degnan, Member at lifeLEISURE Stockport Sports Village. September  ‘15

‘I had been doing regular spin classes for a number of weeks at lifeLEISURE Stockport Sports Village, and one Saturday I was the only one who showed up for the class. Tracy, a fitness coach at Stockport Sports Village kindly offered to do a PT session with me, so I thought, why not? I had been feeling stuck in a rut with my exercise and the PT session I had with Tracy made me realise I needed to mix things up a bit more. She mentioned about the Weights4Women course and the idea really appealed to me as I had never trained with weights before, so I signed up for it.

Each week the course was different, focusing on different parts of the body. Some weeks I really ached after the sessions, but I did feel the difference. I am not the most co-ordinated person, but Tracy patiently went through all the exercises encouraging me to increase the weights and push myself that little bit harder. Tracy is a real "Mrs Motivator" who has introduced me to weights. I would encourage anyone to sign up for the Weights4Women course, I thoroughly enjoyed every week.

I'm so glad no one turned up for that spin class!

Lisa Sanders, Member at lifeLEISURE Stockport Sports Village. September ‘15



"Hi my name is Alice Turner, I joined lifeLEISURE in 2001. I joined just after leaving school and have been a member ever since.

My eldest child is now 6 years old, he has used the crèche at Romiley since he was 6 months old until he started school. When my twins were born I began bringing them to Stockport Sports Village from about 3 months old and still come 3 or 4 times per week. I wouldn't have been able to lose my baby weight without the crèche. I am the fittest I have been in three years and my children love the girls in the crèche.

My goal is to cycle from Manchester to Blackpool, to complete a half marathon and take part in a Tough Mudder. I am well on my way and I can feel that my fitness is nearly there to take on these challenges!

I'd highly recommend giving it a try"

Alice Turner, Member at lifeLEISURE Stockport Sports Village. September ‘15

After 2 years of training at lifeLEISURE I had lost almost 3 stone in weight and my strength had increased to the point where I noticed I could already lift a lot heavier than a lot of the other gym users. I decided I’d like to test how strong I actually was compared to others so I entered a local amateur power lifting competition in which I managed to win the Bench Press and Deadlifting categories. This spurred me on to dedicate my daily gym regime purely to strength training and the discipline of powerlifting. I started competitive powerlifting by entering my first competition in May 2014 with surprise results including a Squat of 135kg, 137.5kg Bench Press (equal the British record)  and 195kg deadlift for a total of 467.5kg which qualified me for the GBPF National Championships.

In July 2014 I entered the National Championships and managed to set a British record of 140kg Bench Press, 160kg Squat, and 190kg Deadlift and I became the British Open Powerlifting Champion.

The next step for me was to enter the British Classic Championships in Dover and in October I squatted a personal best of 200kg, but only managed to place 2nd on the leader board. I went back to the gym and worked harder than ever before and in my last competition I placed 1st against open age category of opponents with a Squat of 215kg, 140kg Bench Press and a 227.5kg Deadlift, as well as placing 1st. I also achieved 3 new North West records.

I still train most days at lifeLEISURE Romiley and I am currently working towards competing on the big stage of the IPF World Championships 2016 in Texas, where I will be attempting to break the World Squat record of 310kg, Bench around 190kg and Deadlift upwards of 270kg.Exercise has changed my life for the better and I am currently studying NVQ Level 3 in Personal Training at Stockport College and in February 2016 I will go on to study Level 4 Master Trainer. Once my education has finished I hope to go on to work in the Leisure/Fitness industry and help change lives through fitness.

Frazer Pennington, Member at lifeLEISURE Romiley. September ‘15



I have been a member at Stockport Sports Village for 18 months. I enjoy meeting the variety of people who attend the gym and also the great staff at the centre. There is a great age range mix and I think this really enhances the atmosphere and vibe. Since becoming a member I have learnt a lot from the gym staff and other members which has helped me to develop my gym routines and add new training methods to improve my results. The staff are fantastic, they are very reliable and always on hand to help when any situation arises. Advice on technique and constant support is always available.

My personal favourite gym challenge was the ‘Hang Tough’ one as it pushed me to heights I didn’t believe I could reach. Even though my score was 49 seconds we all enjoyed a great bit of banter competing against each other and it got us all interacting with people we didn’t normally talk to. Miles (Fitness Coach) always creates a good atmosphere whilst undertaking the challenges and he really encourages everyone to give them a go.

Lewis Graham, Member at lifeLEISURE Stockport Sports Village. August ‘15