Football Pitch Re-opening

Following the updated government advice and subsequent release of FA Guidelines on permitted grassroots football activity during COVID-19, we are making available our football pitches, with strict social distancing measures in place where required.

Now that all football is back underway, we would like to revisit this statement and add some additional information to ensure that the football pitches remain a safe environment for coaches, players and spectators. There are a few things we have noticed since we have opened that we need to add or change. Changes in additional safety measures from the government have also been put in place that we require clubs to follow.

Please be assured that lifeLEISURE will be following government and FA advice to ensure the health and safety of staff and customers. Changing facilities at Stockport Sports Village will remain closed at this moment.


There are several additional measures that we will be implementing to make customers and staff safe:

  • Card or Phone payments only – no cash payments will be taken at site
  • A single point of access for all pitches
  • Hand sanitising stations located around the pitches\
  • Clear signage displayed with guidance for staying safe whilst at the facility
  • A strict cleaning regime including the sanitising of pitch gates, football goals
  • Site staff will be provided with PPE and will receive COVID-19 Awareness training

Terms & Conditions

  • If you are symptomatic, or living at home with someone with a COVID-19 infection, or if you are classified as extremely vulnerable on health grounds you should remain at home
  • You must adhere to the FA Guidelines – Failure to do so will result in being asked to leave the facility and no refund will be provided. Permitted football activities are set out below:
  • You may book the pitch as an individual or as a group for a 5aside, 7aside or 11aside game. When making the booking, you must book with people from the same household/bubble.
  • You may book for football training or other activities in groups of no more than 30, ensuring social distancing is followed at all times.
  • Equipment should not be shared where possible
  • Football clubs or coaches may book if delivering a session which has a total of 30 people (including the coach). But you must adhere to FA safeguarding guidelines if coaching under 18s, which includes carrying out your own risk assessment, gaining consent from parents/carers, and ensuring you are in line of sight of another adult (i.e. another coach or parent/carer)
  • If you are a coach working with people with impairments you must only book if you are able to provide the appropriate support whilst avoiding physical contact and maintaining social distancing
  • You must follow all signs and instructions whilst at the facility
  • Pitches will be set up for the day with goals in the appropriate places e.g. 11 a side pitch will be set up with 1 11aside goal at each end, this will be the same for 5,6,7 aside pitches with the correct goal size to match. Where possible please refrain from moving these goals that are in position. If you require additional goals on the pitch for your session or do need to move the goals that are set out already, we ask that members of the club coaching staff move the goals for the session, ensuring goals get sanitised and wiped down after use. In addition to this we ask all clubs to remove any additional goals they have used back to the goal stores provided round the pitches once the session has finished again sanitising once they are placed away.
  • You must provide your own equipment, including balls, cones etc. lifeLEISURE will not be providing any
  • Protective gloves and face masks will not be mandatory, but you will be welcome to wear them
  • Sanitising stations will be on site but you are advised to bring your own hand sanitiser
  • Spectators are only permitted if the club can ensure social distancing is maintained and the stand seats on pitch 1 will not be in use in the initial phase of opening
  • All clubs must stick to the booking times and must be off the pitch on time to ensure the next club can start on time.
  • We ask that all clubs to inform parents/carers that it is strictly 1 adult per child and no more.
  • We are strongly advising that face masks are worn in communal areas.
  • All players MUST come to their game/session ready to play as changing facilities remain closed.

We would like to thank clubs for your co-operation so far and we ask for these terms and conditions to be re sent and reiterated to coaches, parents and carers to ensure we keep the football environment a safe place to be.



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