Customer Notice:

Due to an act of vandalism at lifeLEISURE Cheadle, we have had no option but to close the main pool from Sunday 25th July to protect the health & safety of our staff and swimmers. The small pool will remain open as normal for lessons and public swimming session.

Customer Notice:

As part of the extensive investment into by SMBC, the pool at lifeLEISURE Avondale will be closed from Monday 9th August - Friday 13th August (inclusive) to enable essential work to be carried out on the roof.


INSPIRE is our industry leading bespoke programme designed to provide our members with all the tools, support and knowledge needed to achieve their fitness goals and transform their lifestyle.

Throughout our INSPIRE programme you will have regular contact with a dedicated health and fitness coach who will motivate and inspire you to achieve your personal goals. No matter where you are on your fitness journey the INSPIRE programme will help push you to the next level, teaching you new training methods and techniques, to help you reach new limits!

The programme is available to all members regardless of fitness level. If you are new to exercise or haven't exercised in the last 6 months we recommend you follow our YELLOW INSPIRE journey, where you will undertake 3 appointments with a health and fitness coach within the first 6-8 weeks of your membership.

Thisis to ensure that you receive the very best guidance to get you started on your new health and fitness journey.

For anyone who exercises weekly or monthly we recommend our GREEN INSPIRE journey, where you will undertake two initial appointments with a health and fitness coach again ensuring you get off to the best possible start whilst helping you achieve the best possible results.

For those members who are gym regulars (exercise more than once a week) and do not wish to have a personalised programme we recommend the BLUE INSPIRE journey whereby you will have a shorter initial appointment. This appointment is essential and ensures you have an introduction to the equipment as well as covering health and safety aspects in the gyms.

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At the start of the INSPIRE programme you will undergo a precise body composition assessment (as we offer your first scan FREE to members), Boditrax, to help track where you currently are. This will provide you with your key measurements such as fat mass, muscle mass, base metabolic rate, bone mass and more.

These measurements are used to set your personal goals and will help in tracking your progress achieving these. The INSPIRE programme is all about ensuring we deliver on our passion for helping you achieve your goals and assisting you to live a healthier, happier life.

Once you have completed your initial INSPIRE journey we offer INSPIRE PLUS for all members. This appointment can be made if you feel you are losing your enthusiasm or feel you want or need some further direction on your health and fitness journey.

For more information on INSPIRE or to book your INSPIRE programme please speak to a member of the team at your home club or email us at