H1VE Studio

What is H1VE?

H1VE is a group personal training studio located at Life Leisure Stockport Sports Village.

H1VE classes combine cardio, functional, strength and conditioning training in a group personal training environment to give you a full body workout to remember. With fantastic equipment, state of the art lights and dedicated coaches, it’s easy to see why our members are hooked.

A H1VE membership gives you access to all H1VE classes as well as access to all Life Leisure facilities including five pools, nine gyms and over 400 classes.

If you would like a tour of the studio please ring Stockport Sports Village or email headcoach@h1ve.co.uk

H1VE Classes



This class will focus more on improving strength with heavier resistance exercises combined with killer cardio to help tone up and lose body fat (less volume, heavier weight, shorter intervals).



A fun yet challenging full body workout incorporating individual workstations with group workout aspects. The circuit style class using Olympic lifts, cardio equipment, dumbbells, prowlers, battle ropes and much more will test you to your limits and help incinerate those calories.



A fun yet challenging class hitting a full body workout using big compound movements resistance weights and cardio to help shred up and burn those calories (higher volume, less weight, longer intervals).



Incinerate calories by working on a punch bag – throwing punches, knees and kicks combined with compound exercises and cardio intervals to not only improve cardiovascular fitness but also tone the body. (More focus on the combat, heavier weights, shorter intervals).



Explore a new way to train in our unique, hybrid class that spans yoga, breath work and mobility. Designed to build a solid foundation of core strength, H1VE flow will help to regulate your nervous system and flex your minds muscle as much as a challenge your physical strength. It is the antidote to our daily stresses leaving you inspired connected and aware.



This class is for new and existing members to learn the key movements that are used on a daily basis in our H1VE sessions. We keep the numbers low for this class to ensure each member can move brilliantly, answer any questions you may have to offer a more personalised experience.

Head Coach Gaston

H1VE Coaches

Here at H1VE the coaches intend to be a large part of your experience, from leading the classes themselves, making sure you’re motivated from start to finish, and supporting your fitness goals.

Our head coach Gaston has worked in the fitness industry for over 20 years and has a wealth of experience and knowledge. Gaston is a fitness obsessive, he loves everything from gym, studio & outdoor activities, he is super keen for all H1VE members to achieve their fitness goals and he will motivate you all the way!


All H1VE classes are delivered using a technology platform called MYZONE. MYZONE tracks your progress in real-time, whether its calories, intensity or heart rate to ensure you’re getting the most out of each and every workout. Live heart rates will also be displayed on a big screen in the studio, so you can easily see your results and your fellow members (MYZONE belt sold separately).

As a member you will also be part of our H1VE MYZONE community where the fun and social experience will continue!

H1VE Special Offers

  • Get a two-week free pass
  • Exclusive one month