COVID19 Measures:

In light of the new Government guidelines, Life Leisure will be introducing some new measures across all sites. Click here to read.

Coronavirus update

The PARiS service has reopened with a limited service and is now accepting new referrals.  Please note that the following options are in place for participants wishing to start on the scheme.

Initial consultation

To minimise face to face contact, all initial consultations are being delivered as a telephone consultation or as an online consultation. We are not delivering face to face consultations at present.

Physical activity options

The PARiS team is currently offering the following physical activity options to participants.
  • A timetable of online exercise classes delivered by our qualified instructor using Zoom (please see online timetable)
  • PARiS supervised gym sessions at Life Leisure Houldsworth Village and Stockport Sports Village which are free of charge to PARiS members
  • PARiS reprograms and inductions for those wanting to use the gym facilities. These are being delivered within one of our open facilities and are face to face. These are 45 minute induction blocks and social distancing will be maintained at all times.
  • Online programs and reviews for those who do not feel ready to start within a gym environment.
We will be offering more supervised sessions (including outdoor activity) as more of our lifeLEISURE facilities begin to reopen, hopefully in the near future.
For enquiries or further questions, please email or check out the PARiS participants Q&A section below.

PARiS Participants FAQs

Online Timetable


Exercise Referral

Physical Activity Referral in Stockport (PARiS) is the Exercise Referral scheme delivered by lifeLEISURE, designed to help inactive people with chronic mild to moderate medical conditions become and stay more physically active, whilst benefiting and improving their health.

A joint partnership between lifeLEISURE and Public Health, the scheme is delivered by a strong and experienced team of health and exercise professionals, who provide guidance, support and pathways towards health improvement.

Research has shown that becoming more physically active can benefit a person in the management of their medical condition.


  • Are you physically inactive (undertaking less than 1 x 30 minutes per week of moderate intensity exercise) and not a current member at a Life Leisure facility?
  • Do you suffer from a chronic medical condition such as Hypertension, Diabetes Type 2, Joint Pain, COPD or Depression?
  • Have you had a heart attack, Stroke or CABG?

If you feel you are eligible and would like to self refer please complete our self referral form.

Please note: Due to the high volume of referrals we are receiving, please note there is currently a 3-week wait for initial appointments for the PARiS scheme. We appreciate your patience, The PARiS team.


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If you feel you meet the criteria, then please speak to your GP or Practice Nurse and ask for a referral to the PARiS scheme. Alternatively if you feel you meet the criteria and would like to self-refer please contact 0161 482 0900 (Option 7) or email the PARiS Team for more details.

PARiS Member Stories


Stockport’s Home Activity Guide provides simple and effective exercises for people who suffer with mobility problems, focusing on developing functional fitness to improve quality of life, for example, shoulder mobility exercises (making reaching for a can of beans from the cupboard easier) and band stability exercises (to prevent falls).

The guide includes a range of progressive physical activities that can be completed in the home, with 3 levels: Beginner (chair based), Beginner+ (chair based with more resistance) and Intermediate (standing exercises). Anyone wishing to use the guide should attend a one off master class where they will receive a copy of the guide. The workshop is intended to ensure you are exercising safely and are given the motivation to start and adhere to the programme.

For more information on master classes and the guide call 0161 482 0900 or email Avril Jackson.






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lifeLEISURE Cheadle


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lifeLEISURE Stockport Sports Village


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lifeLEISURE Houldsworth Village


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