Programmes & Participation


Are you aged 11 – 25 years old and want to try something new? If so, Sportivate could be the programme for you. Funded via the Lottery, Sportivate is a London 2012 legacy project that gives young people the chance to discover a sport that they love.

Delivered over 6 to 8 weeks, sessions are delivered in a variety of setting across the Borough including at clubs, schools, colleges and community venues.

To find out more information or apply for funding to deliver a Sportivate session, please contact Ian Dixon on 0161 482 0920 or email Ian today.

Satellite Clubs

We know that the step from school or college sport to community sport is often too great for young people and as a result many 11-25 year olds drop-out of sport. Satellite clubs make it easier for young people to stay in sport, or to start playing sport for the first time. They provide a stepping stone to a community club or regular participation through the creation of relevant, appealing and convenient sporting opportunities for young people in familiar settings.

Satellite clubs help to increase the number of 11-25 year olds taking part in sport for at least 30 minutes every week, and subsequently reduce the number of young people dropping out of sport.

Satellite Clubs will focus on delivering new opportunities for 14-25 year olds from under-represented groups such as females, young people with a disability, young people from BME (Black & Minority Ethnic) groups, or young people from disadvantaged communities.

For more information or to apply for funding to set up or deliver a Satellite Club, contact Seb Rowe on 0161 482 0907 or email Seb today.