Preschool Swimming

Great news! Baby Splash & Little Splashers will return on Monday 19th April! Online bookings will go live Friday 16th April. 

Baby Splash sessions are for babies up to 2 years* of age. Babies can join in as soon as parents are comfortable to bring them to the pool (before vaccinations) but please consult your midwife/health visitor about the right time to start for you and your baby. 

Our Little Splashers sessions are aimed at preschool children, ages 2 to 4* years. Sessions are designed for parents/guardians to spend time in the water to increase children’s water confidence in a structured fun/play session. Baby Splash and Little Splashers sessions cover:

  • How to support your child’s movement in the pool
  • Safe entries, how to turn and hold the side
  • Underwater confidence, starting with washing faces and blowing bubbles
  • Progressing to floating and performing push and glides between the parent and teacher

Once children are happy and confident in the water the swimming teacher will advise you to move to the swim tots classes which links directly with the junior lessons. In the early stages the lessons focus on relaxation and flotation, body position, underwater confidence and rotation.

*Our age range for Baby Splash and Little Splashers are a guide to age ranges, but if you have any queries please email the Swim team for more information.


£5.45 (£4.80 Leisure Key)


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Swim Tots Lessons (1-4 years)

Swimming Preschool Bottom1

Swim Tots lessons are designed for parents and children to be in the water and have fun together to gain experience of relaxation, body position and underwater confidence. Stockport Metro lessons use a hands on method and parents will be taught how to be the support for their children. Swim tots links directly with our junior lesson programme.

Information for Parents/Guardians