Following the government's announcement this evening, Saturday 31 October, we shall be sending out communications to all members via email on Monday 2nd November. This will detail information on memberships, swimming lessons and other activities. We appreciate your support and patience during this ongoing pandemic. Thank you.

Swimming Lesson Agreements

Life Leisure and Stockport Metro are in the process of moving to a new system; Course Pro, for our swimming lessons.

Course Pro will give our members a lot more flexibility in terms of booking and moving between lessons, plus the ability to see your child’s progress via an online members portal. Lockdown hit right at a point we were due to make this transition, however we are now able to start moving all our swimmers over to Course Pro.

To enable this move you will need to ensure that you, or your child, is on the correct member type. See the table below to note which membership type you, or your child, should be on and follow the instructions below to sign up to the correct agreement. 

Swimming Preschool Bottom3

Swimming Lesson Membership Types

Membership Type For Swim Lessons Timings  Monthly Fee
Swimming Lessons (Term Time 30) 30-minute lessons – Swim Tots & Adults  Term-time only  £21.55 
Swimming Lessons (Term Time 45) 45-minute lessons - Adults  Term-time only  £31.00 
Swimming Lessons (30 Minute Lessons)  Junior Lessons, Swim Tots, Badge’s 1 to 4 and 30-min Adults  50 weeks per year  £28.30 
Swimming Lessons (45 Minute Lessons) 45-minute Adult lessons  50 weeks per year  £37.45 
Swimming Lessons (Disciplines) Junior Coaching, Rookie and Challenge  50 weeks per year  £33.20 
Swimming Lessons (Disciplines x 2 per week) Junior Coaching, Rookie and Challenge: undertaking 2 lessons per week  50 weeks per year  £49.80 
Swimming Lessons (Jnr Lessons x 2 per week) Swim Tots, Badge’s 1 to 4 and 30-min Adults: undertaking 2 lessons per week  50 weeks per year 


How to move to the correct agreement

To make sure you, or your child, is on the correct agreement, please following the steps below:


  1. Head to the Life Leisure website and log into your swimming lesson member account (if you are unsure or haven’t got an online account follow these instructions). This will be the account you, or your child, used to book any catch up lessons.  

  1. Once logged into your account, on the left-hand column under the heading ‘Memberships’ click on ‘Change my Membership’ 

  1. Scroll down the list of memberships and select the correct membership for your swimming lessons 

  1. Under next step, you need to complete the direct debit form. You also may be asked to check your personal details are correct and up to date. 

  1. Follow the directions to complete your direct debit, you will need your bank account details to hand to do this. 

  1. Once complete, your membership will have been upgraded to a “Swimming Lesson” agreement. 

Once you have set up your child’s Swimming Lesson membership, we will be in touch to set up your new Course Pro account where you can manage their swimming lessons. We will then be able to reach out to you via Course Pro when it is time to book your place on the new lessons starting mid-October. 

If you are still experiencing issues with your online account, please email the team or your pool coordinator at CheadleGrand CentralHazel Grove, or Romiley.