Life PT


Do you have a specific goal in mind?
Are you lacking motivation?
Or do you simply want some more 1 to 1 focused training?
See for yourself what a fantastic difference a Personal Trainer can make to your life!

Put your trust in our highly qualified and vastly experienced personal trainers and they will help you to achieve the results and body you have always dreamed of! Personal training takes the guess work and confusion out of exercise and is specific to YOU. With packages suited to fit every lifestyle can you really afford not to?

Personal Trainers @ Life Leisure

Life Leisure Centre Personal Trainers
Avondale Vincent Araujo  
Cheadle Sharon Antoniou  
Grand Central Nick Kirk  
Hazel Grove Bethany Scholey
Stephen Hoyles
Sean Mills
Houldsworth Village

Shami Chowdhury

Vincent Araujo

Stephen Hoyles

Chris Wainwright



Stockport Sports Village Ross McNicol John McDermott


Would you like to meet new like-minded people whilst achieving your goals?

Buddy Training is a cost effective way of enjoying the benefits of personal training. Join small groups of like-minded individuals and achieve your goals together! Groups are capped at 4 so you achieve lots of individual attention as well. For more information please enquire at your preferred centre where we can introduce you to our expert personal trainers or contact a personal trainer direct (details above).


Save money on personal training by purchasing block booking sessions. Committing yourself to 10 sessions really will motivate and inspire you to take your fitness to the next level! Never dread training again - the motivation and inspiration delivered by a Personal Trainer will take your fitness to new levels!

For more information on personal training and the benefits you can achieve please speak to a member of the team at your preferred centre or email us at