A fitness experience like no other…

H1VE is a group personal training studio located at Life Leisure Stockport Sports Village, combining cardio, functional, strength and conditioning training to give you a full body workout to remember. Paired with fantastic equipment, MYZONE technology, dedicated coaches and a supportive atmosphere, it’s easy to see why our members are hooked.
A H1VE membership package gives you access to all H1VE classes as well as access to all Life Leisure facilities including five pools, nine gyms and over 400 classes!

Together is better

At H1VE, we work together as one so everyone can achieve their personal goals, from the complete beginner to the seasoned exerciser. We instil spirit, passion, drive and togetherness to ensure our community truly feel a part of H1VE.

Community lies at the heart of training here at H1VE. We are a community first and individuals second. We welcome everyone into our close-knit community with open arms, look after each other and take pride in seeing others succeed.

No matter how sweaty, worn out, breathless or ecstatic you feel after your session, don’t forget to snap a photo or a selfie and tag us so others can feel motivated by your efforts. We’re in this together.

The classes

Classes are led by our dedicated coaches whose sessions integrate a combination of cardiovascular, functional, strength and conditioning training to provide dynamic full body workouts. With classes changing regularly, you’ll continuously learn new training techniques and progress your fitness.


A fun yet challenging full body workout using big compound movements, resistance weights and cardio to help shred up and burn those calories (higher volume, less weight, longer intervals).


Incinerate calories by working on a punch bag — throwing punches, knees and kicks combined with compound exercises and cardio intervals to improve fitness and tone the body. (More focus on the combat, heavier weights, shorter intervals).


This class will focus more on improving strength with heavier resistance exercises combined with cardio to help tone up and lose body fat (less volume, heavier weight, shorter intervals).


Embody everything we stand for at H1VE in this group training intervals class, incorporating individual workstations with group workout aspects. The class uses Olympic lifts, cardio equipment, dumbbells, prowlers, battle ropes and more.

H1VE Flow

Explore a new way to train in our unique, hybrid class that spans yoga, breath work and mobility. Designed to build a solid foundation of core strength, it will help to regulate your nervous system, flex your mind muscle, and challenge your strength.

H1VE Group Training Family


Launching soon at Stockport Sports Village, the RUMBLE studio will bring the thrill of the ring to your fitness routine with boxing inspired group classes using punch bags, air bikes, weights, and more! Coming June 2024.


R1G training spaces are designed to give you a taste of what the H1VE studio is all about and feature four classes designed to boost your fitness and increase your strength. Situated in the gyms at Life Leisure Hazel Grove, Houldsworth Village, Romiley and Cheadle


Step into a cutting-edge functional training space at Life Leisure Grand Central. GL1DE classes are designed to provide a dynamic full bodyweight workout, featuring innovative incline-based equipment.

Our Locations

Try H1VE for two-weeks on us!

We’re inviting you to try not one, but two weeks of H1VE classes for free with absolutely no obligation! (Although we guarantee you won’t look back) Don’t delay, this offer won’t be around forever!

*Terms and conditions apply: One free two-week pass permitted per member. Redeem at reception at your local Life Leisure hub. Subject to availability. All sessions must be booked prior to attending. Cancellation charges will apply for non-attendance, please see our bookings policy for full details. MyZone Belt not included and sold separately. Click here to view full Terms & Conditions of Membership.

H1VE Coaches

Here at H1VE the coaches intend to be a large part of your experience, from leading the classes themselves, making sure you’re motivated from start to finish, and supporting your fitness goals.

Our head coach Gaston has worked in the fitness industry for over 20 years and has a wealth of experience and knowledge. Gaston is a fitness obsessive, he loves everything from gym, studio & outdoor activities, he is super keen for all H1VE members to achieve their fitness goals and he will motivate you all the way!


All H1VE classes are delivered using technology platform MYZONE which will help you take your training to the next level!

Track your progress in real-time, whether it’s calories, intensity or heart rate, to ensure you’re getting the most out of each and every workout. Live heart rates will also be displayed on our big screen in the studio, ensuring that you are pushing yourself to the max!
As a member you’ll also be part of our H1VE MYZONE Community where the fun and social experience
will continue!


I like it because it’s a fun, group workout. I was thinking about personal training, which was super expensive - this is the best alternative to that and saves me about £300 per month, whilst still gaining that 1-1 focus


I love H1VE! I think that the studio and equipment is amazing, there’s a nice atmosphere in the class as everyone is here to have a laugh, have fun and get fit! The trainers are great as well, they really correct your technique if needed - and it works you hard!! It’s just so much fun and I want to keep coming back!


I’m a massive fan! I love the gym and I’ve had personal trainers, and this is a fraction of the cost! I like the fact that there’s tunes going, it’s dark, nobody can see you! The coaches are all great motivators and it’s really nice to work in a group, in an intense environment! You can 'drive your own car' and keep track of how much effort you’re putting in! I would say give it a go - There’s nothing to lose and it might be the best thing that you’ve ever done. I’m genuinely a massive fan!


I love the varied sessions and we get to do something do something different every time! I’ve seen massive results, after just 10 sessions I’ve dropped a dress size!


I must say, what fantastic themed décor, not at all intimidating! Really friendly, funky and fresh! The workout was hard and intense, the music and lighting is great, it really adds to it! Fantastic facility, come check it out!



Find us based at:
Stockport Sports Village, Lambeth Grove,
Woodley, Stockport, SK6 1QX

Call the Stockport Sports Village team
0161 494 3140

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