Older Adult Sessions

Simple Movements Improve Life Everyday

Join in and feel the benefits of social, friendly and fun exercise at your own pace!

SMILE is a low impact and gentle exercise concept developed by Life Leisure. The programme provides fun, engaging and adaptable exercise and physical activity sessions for older adults. The variety of sessions available are designed to support those with long term health conditions and/or disabilities to help improve physical health, mental health and wellbeing.

Our SMILE sessions are pay as you go, with payment taken on arrival.

SMILE is split into three categories:



Adapted exercise for adults who need some extra support. A chair is always accessible for participants in these sessions and all the movements are designed to be done whilst seated. Some participants choose to stand for periods of the session and our fantastic instructors can adapt the exercise so it can be done standing.


Plus (+)

These sessions are a lower intensity exercise to music class. Designed to support adults who may find regular classes a bit too intense and high impact on their bodies. SMILE + is a perfect session for adults who are looking to get back into fitness or for those wanting to maintain fitness levels.



A more holistic approach to exercise that encompasses slower movements, breathwork and relaxation. Some of our holistic classes are Yoga and Tai Chi, these sessions are great for people wanting to begin a healthy lifestyle journey.




Key areas of delivery:

There are a number of key premises on how SMILE is delivered and what is involved:

  • Music
  • Equipment
  • Fun
  • Stimulating
  • Social
  • Adaptability

Session Content

The physical activity incorporated within SMILE combines a variety of low intensity exercises which are engaging and fun. SMILE includes:

  • A warm-up
  • Balance, stability and coordination
  • Mobility and flexibility
  • Strength
  • Aerobic exercise
  • Stretching
  • A cooldown

Where can SMILE be delivered?

We want to offer SMILE to as many people and groups as possible, so providing a venue is deemed safe and suitable for physical activity a session can be delivered. Venues can include:

  • Sports and fitness centres (e.g. Life Leisure hubs)
  • Local community centres
  • Church halls
  • Residential homes
  • Nursing/care homes
  • Sheltered housing accommodation
  • Plus many more!

Your first SMILE session

At your first class, please speak to the instructor upon your arrival who will talk through the structure of the class and talk through any medical/injury issues you may have.

All our classes are delivered by fully qualified and experienced instructors who will make you feel at ease and answer any queries you may have. Please dress comfortably, ideally with flat shoes, bring a drink and all medication if needed. The class ranges from 45 – 60 mins, however there is plenty of rest if needed. At the end of the class the instructor will then get you to fill in a registration form.


Contact Lisa for more details: