Long Covid

Long Covid exercises classes are for people who have been suffering long term effects of Covid, especially breathlessness and fatigue. The sessions will be low intensity and last between 30-60 minutes. We have designed a traffic light system with three activity levels to suit the individual on the day - Red/Amber/Green. The client can choose the exercise depending on how they feel.

Each class will be run by fully qualified instructors from the PARiS Scheme. Before joining we will need a referral from a health professional to ensure the client is suitable for exercise and then a Specialist PARiS referral Officers will contact them for a consultation.

See our timetable below for our full list of sessions.

Life Leisure, which runs 11 centres across Stockport, has supported hundreds of COVID patients across the town during the pandemic, running online exercise sessions and providing activity packs to help keep active.

LifeLEISURE have developed a programme designed to help patients suffering from Long Covid to build up their strength, energy and confidence through guided exercise. All exercises are carried out by qualified instructors and carefully designed so that individuals can dictate their own levels of movement on the day. 

This programme was developed in consultation with LC (long covid) physios who specialise in chronic fatigue and ME.  We used early research from Sheffield Hallam University to help us create the right environment for LC patients and worked with the LC peer support group to understand how the condition impacts them.

This programme is carefully crafted to consider each individual's "energy envelope" before prescribing exercise ensuring that the spectrum of severity and symptoms of those affected are fully appreciated.

Long Covid

Long Covid Exercise Classes






11.15am – 12.15pm

Houldsworth Village



1.00pm – 14.00pm

Life Leisure Romiley



Golf on Referral

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As part of our Long COVID service, we are working alongside the Stockport NHS Foundation Trust to deliver a new programme called “Golf on Referral”. This is a 12 week programme that consists of two sessions a week, split into one PARiS led exercise and educational session for up to an hour, as well as up to an hour’s Golf session. The exercise will be low intensity, alongside nutritional and mental well-being advice and the Golf will consist of learning and participating in the basics of the sport, with the first four weeks of Golf at one of our Life Leisure sites and the remaining duration of the programme at Hazel Grove Golf Club.  

Summary of Golf on Referral (GOR):

  • 12 week programme of one PARiS session and one Golf session per week.
  • Refer or self-refer through normal route via PARiS online/health professional link here: https://www.lifeleisure.net/health-wellbeing/exercise-referral/
  • Referrals onto GOR will be confirmed following your first consultation meeting with one of our PARiS officers.
  • Once onto the programme, you will be sent the relevant information for times, days and locations of each session.
    • Day One: PARiS session with data collection.
    • Day Two: Golf session for an hour with a Golf pro from Hazel Grove Golf club

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Multi System Benefits

  • Golfers live five years longer than non-golfers
  • Brain- Improves mood through promotion of social interaction and self esteem
  • Heart- Golf improves cholesterol levels and fitness
  • Respiratory- Improvement and preservation of lung function
  • Productivity- Physical activity improves function and productivity
  • Metabolism- A season of Golf improves weight and body composition

Golf and Mental Health

  • Moderate physical activity and social interaction is a proven treatment for mild-moderate depression and anxiety
  • Improved self-esteem 
  • Improved confidence 
  • Increased social interaction

Golf and Accessibility

Golf is easily played by people of any age and ability. As a stationary ball sport, golf has potential to be fully inclusive. Carts, electronic, push trolleys, and other modified equipment help to prolong participation, widen access, and extend the health benefits of golf to all. 42% of golfers are over the age of 60, amateur golfers play most frequently post-retirement. We believe that golf is a safe and effective exercise for patients of all ages and that Golf has the added benefits of being a social sport, thus having a positive impact on mental health.

If you would like to sign up to the programme, please complete the self-referral form below or if you are a health professional, please complete the referral form on behalf of the patient.

Self Referral Form

We would like to thank our lead partner the Stockport NHS Foundation Trust and all other organisations involved including Hazel Grove Golf club, Manchester Metropolitan University, England Golf, the Professional Golfers’ Association (PGA), the Chief Medical Officers of the European Tours and Golf’s Governing body The Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews.