Local Pilot

Local Pilot in Brinnington

Funded by Sport England and led through GM Moving and Greater Sport, we are the lead delivery organisation for Stockport and work closely with the Stockport Council, Age UK Stockport and the Seashell Trust to manage the project which focuses on population scale change in physical activity behaviour. We have a focus of our work in Brinnington and we are engaging residents and services to ensure a joined up approach to physical activity, health and wellbeing.

We have setup a forum called the “That Counts in Brinnington Forum” where residents, partners and the local community contribute to our planning and development to explore and increase opportunities in the area. This Forum puts residents at the heart of the decision making and we are grateful to be working with such incredible partners such as the Brinnington Big Local, Public Health and many more. We have fortnightly operations meetings, proposals to launch the local pilot community fund which residents will be able to access for projects which encourage physical activity. Below we have sections of how our work together is developing:

Brinnington Maps

Located on the side of First House in Brinnington, there are three Brinnington maps that showcase the local landmarks, historical sites and walking routes in and around the area. These maps were created by local residents to help guide visitors on what they can see and do around Brinnington.

We are keen to explore how people use the maps to stay active. This includes how people would like to use them, ideas for more presence in the community and if you would like to work with us on a small project involving the maps.

If you have any ideas on how to use these maps as part of your group or organisation, please email Ross McGuigan.

Brinnington Maps Art Trail

As part of the Stockport Town of Culture funding, we have launched the Brinnington Maps Art trail!

Helen Middleton Studio connected with five groups across Brinnington to create art pieces that have now been placed up on fences, posts and trees across the area.

With over 30 hours of workshops, young people and adults have created each piece, which you can walk by following the Brinnington Map attached here.

With thanks to Tonwen Jones, Brinnington Big Local, Transport for Greater Manchester & Stockport Council.

Walking Forum

Walking plays a key role for a number of reasons including improving physical and emotional well-being, a community connector and exploring the local area. Alongside the creation of the Brinnington Maps, we have a walking group led by local volunteers, setup to help build relationships with the community.

We are looking for more volunteers who can support walking in the local area, so please for more information contact Lisa Arrandale.

Our 2nd walking forum will be taking place Wednesday 28th June 11.30am – 1.30pm at Brinnington Park . This is a chance for local residents to discuss the barriers around walking and how we can work together as a community to make walking in the area a easier, more enjoyable experience.

Cycling Developments

As part of on-going conversations, we are coordinating a cycling programme to provide education, intervention and support throughout the community.

In 2023, we are delivering a number of cycling drop-in events funded through Brinnington Big Local. Each event is an opportunity for residents to drop-in and receive information, advice and tips towards cycling maintenance.

Check back here for future dates.

Community Pot

What is the ‘That Counts in Brinnington Community pot?’

This funding is part of the Greater Manchester wide Local Pilot (funded through Sport England) to support people and communities to be more active in their lifestyle. We want this to help transform local places and help you to share the importance of being physically active with friends and neighbours. It will also contribute to creating a positive impression of Brinnington for us all. The Community Pot aims to engage with the disengaged, create positive behaviour, cultural change and a social movement, and to simply listen to the community.

This funding pot is available to all adults 25 and older to apply for funding for an event on your street or a regular (weekly or monthly) activity. We want you to be creative and think of different ideas. Ideas of where the money can be spent:

  • On local events
  • On weekly activity sessions
  • Using green spaces & open spaces – on your street or around your tower blocks – to bring people together to get active
  • To buy equipment for the local community to use

What are the criteria?

We will keep this brief:

  • Physical activity based
  • Based in Brinnington only
  • Use the campaign and “That Counts” tagline
  • Show benefits to health & well-being
  • Present a positive outlook on Brinnington
  • Sustainable & continue to grow (unless one off events)
  • Willing to be supported by our team

How much is in the Community pot and how much can you apply for?

You can place an application for events that will be one-offs with a view to looking at more. They can be allocated for periods of one month to six months depending on the length of the idea you create.

Bids can be made up to £500 and there is no minimum amount. The maximum award amount will be reviewed after six months, to assess if the grants process is fit for purpose. At six months there may be an increase or decrease in the maximum award per application.

We will keep the Community Pot open all year round.

What do you need to do?

You can complete an expression of interest form which will include the following:

  • Make up an idea
  • Tell us all the costs
  • Explain who is involved, how and who is leading on the idea

Following completing this form, we will contact you to arrange to meet up to sit down and talk through the ideas you have. We are happy to meet with you at a venue of your choosing.

Further Developments

Project lead, Ross McGuigan, has featured on a podcast with GM Moving & Sport England discussing physical activity campaigns and how we can encourage older people to be more active.

For more information regarding the Greater Manchester Local Pilot, please visit: