Mini Movers

Our popular preschool class, Mini Movers, is suitable for 0-5 year olds! The sessions run at Brinnington Park Leisure Complex on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays (Term time only)

The programme offers a unique Award Scheme leading to key stage 1 of the National Curriculum, following the guidelines of the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS). Each level of award is tailored to individual stages of development.

Badge work is included in all Mini Movers sessions so that your child can work towards their award. As your child progresses through the award scheme they will acquire more advanced levels of movement and social skills. Achieving an award requires the completion of a variety of activities during the term. Upon successful completion of each award, a certificate and sew-on badge are available to purchase.

There are so many benefits from attendance of the sessions. The scheme promotes the concept of child led play, allowing the children to choose a variety of equipment each session with guidance from a parent/guardian or instructor.

The first session is free to new participants!

  • Jumping
  • Balancing
  • Social skills
  • Spatial awareness
  • Hand & eye co-ordination
  • Travelling
  • Games
  • Work on small & large apparatus
  • Rolling and turning
  • Shape skills
  • Music & rhythm at circle time

For more information, please email hannah.bowler@lifeleisure.net

Mini Movers Session times (term time only)

9.30am – 10:30am
10.30am -11:30am
9.30am – 10:30am
10.30am – 11:30am
11.30am – 12.30pm (SEND friendly)
9.30am – 10:30am
10:30am – 11:30am

Mini Movers sessions will run during term time only.

Pricing (effective from April 2024)
• Babies* under 10 months old – £1.20
• 10 months and over with a Brinnington postcode – £3.50
• 10 months and over with any other postcode – £4.50

*Babies/newborns who are in a carrier, sling, car seat, pram or parent/carers arms and attend with an older sibling will not be charged until they are using equipment or participating in the class.

We are so happy to return to Mini Movers as it was greatly missed by the children and myself. In such a short time I have seen how much my little ones have grown in confidence. They are loving the new venue, there is lots of space to run around and explore and the children enjoy the social interaction and the skills they learn. What we see them achieve is amazing from climbing and exploring, to something as simple as sitting in a circle joining in with group activity. They are encouraged to learn about self control, how to use their body sensibly but also take safe risks in the controlled environment . My little ones are so excited when we pull into the carpark as they recognise where we are, the staff are all very friendly and helpful and the children absolutely love it so much they don’t want to leave.


What age are the classes for?

Classes are suitable for pre school aged children (0-5 year olds).

How much is Mini Movers?

Classes are between £1.20 and £4.50 and are bookable or pay on the day (everyone must be enrolled onto a specific day and time).

What should we wear to Mini Movers?

We recommend that children attend in soft loose-fitting clothes that they can freely move in. Children should be barefoot or have nonslip socks on to avoid slipping.

How is the badge scheme assessed?

Our instructors are constantly observing your child as they play and roam around the room. They will also be set specific tasks throughout the term and asked to take part in small group work with their peers who are working towards the same things. Upon successful completion of each award, a certificate and sew-on badge are available to purchase.

What are the benefits of attending Mini Movers?

There are so many benefits including social, cognitive, and physical development.

What happens during the class?

The class is an hour long and is split between 45 minutes of play and then a 15-minute structured class on the mats. We promote the concept of child led play, allowing the children to choose a variety of equipment each session with guidance from a parent/guardian or instructor. All classes are set up with specially design wooden and foam equipment to develop physical skills of agility, balance and climbing.

What happens in the structured 15 minutes?

Everyone comes together to say hello and sing our warmup song before the group activity! You will then take part in the structured group session. This is different every week and may work towards rhythm, coordination, dancing, counting, colours etc!

What happens if we miss a week?

You won’t lose your space unless a couple of weeks go by without us seeing or hearing from you. Please let us know in advance where possible if you cannot attend for any reason.

What happens if I need to swap class?

We try to accommodate changes of enrolment at any point during a half term. If you cannot commit to the class, you have enrolled onto we will always endeavour to find you a place in a more convenient class!

Are the classes different levels?

No! Classes are not split by age range or ability; children can be anywhere along the badge scheme in each class.

How should I support my child in classes?

We encourage adults to join in with their child, but we know that children gain confidence when they are allowed to solve their own problems. We ask that you remain alert at all times to support where necessary.

What if my child has additional needs?

Our Mini Movers scheme is inclusive, and we have many children with different needs attending our classes. We do ask that you inform our instructors of anything important that would allow us to further support them whilst they are in classes. We also host a SEND friendly Mini Movers session on Wednesdays 11.30am – 12.30pm for a more bespoke environment. 

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