Celebrating the joy of physical activity this holiday season

‘Twas the season to be jolly, and here at Life Leisure, we’re not just decking the halls, we’re also spreading the spirit of health and wellness far and wide. As the festive season descends upon us, we believe there’s no better gift than nurturing your mind, body, and soul through the joy of physical activity.

In the chaos of holiday preparations, it’s easy to get swept up in the flurry of shopping, cooking, and festivities. However, among the twinkling lights and cheerful melodies, it’s crucial to remember to prioritise our wellbeing. At Life Leisure, we embrace this season as an opportunity to rejuvenate, reconnect, and rediscover the profound benefits of physical activity.

Unwrapping the gift of health

Physical activity isn’t just about burning calories or building muscles; it’s a gift that keeps on giving. Engaging in any form of exercise, whether it’s a brisk walk, a yoga session, or a splash in the pool, elevates our spirits and boosts our overall health.

Spreading cheer through movement

From group fitness classes infused with seasonal cheer, to encouraging festive wear in our hubs, we aim to make staying active an enjoyable part of the Christmas period. Exercise releases endorphins into the body which can help to alleviate pain, lower stress, improve mood, and enhance your sense of wellbeing. If you’ve had a busy day at work or need a break from the wrapping, try moving your body and engaging in physical activity to get your spirits up! Then get stuck back into the festivities with a happier, more relaxed mindset.

Crafting memories, one workout at a time

As families gather and friends reunite, we invite you to create lasting memories by prioritising wellbeing together. Our hubs welcome all ages and abilities, offering a range of activities for all kinds of preferences. To view all our kids and family classes, please visit our website here: https://www.lifeleisure.net/kids-activities/

Embracing the spirit of giving back

The holiday season is renowned for generosity and giving, and at Life Leisure we’re passionate about giving back to our community. We have a wide range of activities on offer for the community, from free social coffee mornings, to exercise classes helping those who may be struggling with getting active. If you, or someone you know, may benefit from coming and socialising with other members of the community, please reach out for information on our community sessions. You can contact a hub of your choice, or message us on our Facebook or Instagram pages.

Details on our exercise rehabilitation classes can be found on our website here: https://www.lifeleisure.net/exercise-referral/

A resolution to last beyond the season

As the New Year approaches, many will embark on resolutions – often based around fitness which stems from a pressure to change and be better. Approaching the new year with a different outlook and instead making a commitment to prioritise your health and wellbeing may help alleviate the typical stresses that making resolutions can bring. You’d be surprised at how much difference small changes can make. Our doors are open, ready to support you in your journey towards a healthier, more active lifestyle that extends far beyond the holiday season.

This Christmas, let’s unwrap the greatest gift of all – the gift of health and wellness. Engage in your choice of physical activity when you can, enjoy spending time with friends and loved ones and prioritise self-care regularly. Warm wishes for a happy, healthy, and active Christmas from all at Life Leisure.

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