Spring clean your health!

There’s nothing like a good spring clean! This time of year, we often pause to take stock and re-set for the months ahead. A good spring clean where we declutter and re-arrange our homes can help us feel calm, organised and allow us to focus on what really matters.

Along with your home, why not try spring cleaning your health too?  Think of it as a re-set for your health and wellness. It’s about sweeping away the old and welcoming the new in a way that works for you and your lifestyle.

It’s common around March to realise that your new year’s resolutions and goals haven’t quite stuck. If that rings true for you, don’t worry – this is the perfect time to shake off those winter blues and re-adjust your routine.

Take a look at our tips for creating a well-rounded, healthy routine that works for you and how to be consistent with it.

Set yourself up for success

If you’ve fallen off the health and wellness wagon, it’s important to figure out why. Whilst goals ought to be aspirational and challenging (to a degree), they must also be realistic. Ask yourself: do your health and wellness goals fit in with your lifestyle, capability, and budget?

Think practically. Your routine needs to be manageable day-to-day. And change doesn’t happen overnight. In fact, studies suggest it takes on average 66 days for a new behaviour to become automatic. So, opt for incremental improvements. For example, if you usually exercise once a week but your goal is to start exercising daily, it’s unlikely that you will be able to do this straight away. Instead, gradually build up the number of workouts you do in a week, over the coming months.

Small changes are easier to adopt and once you achieve your first milestone, you’ll be spurred on to meet the rest. Before you know it, what was once a challenging new routine will become second nature.

Motivation matters

Even the healthiest among us don’t feel motivated 24/7. A huge part of being consistent with a healthy routine is our attitude towards it. Creating a realistic routine isn’t enough. We have to connect these behaviours and actions to a deeper purpose. At Life Leisure, we encourage you to #Findyourwhy this is about finding what motivates you, and what you enjoy so you continue to stay active. 

Whether you want to lose weight, build strength, or just enjoy an endorphin rush, understanding your motivations is key to shaping a routine that you enjoy and find fulfilling. On those low energy days, remembering your reason why could be all the motivation you need to stick with your routine.

Create a well-rounded routine

From getting good quality sleep to diet and social connection, there’s lots of factors that impact us being healthy and feeling good. Does your current routine reflect these aspects and reward you for them?

You might be focusing more on healthy meals than movement. Or perhaps you’ve forgotten about getting around eight hours of sleep. Whether it’s going to bed earlier or taking a morning walk, it’s important to build in behaviours that cover all aspects of health and wellness.

Having a healthy routine is about positive daily actions. It’s worth reminding yourself that no one is perfect, and life happens. By taking a well-rounded approach, if one area of your routine slips – for example, a busy work schedule means you miss your evening yoga class –you can still maintain satisfaction and motivation by staying on track with other goals, like healthy eating and good sleep. Keep in mind that every little helps. All your small, positive actions really do add up!

Change it up

Routine isn’t a recipe for boredom. Whether you’ve stayed on track with your goals or not, eating the same meal or doing the same activity can get old over time. Challenge yourself to change up some of the staple items in your week. Swap circuits for Zumba or walk to work on a Wednesday and use the stairs instead of the lift every Friday. You could also get some inspiration from social media for new recipes to try. Making your routine feel fresh is a great way to stay engaged.

Be kind to yourself

One of the biggest barriers to improving our health and wellness is the limiting beliefs we have about ourselves. With a negative mindset, it’s easy to knock yourself down before you’ve even begun. Ditch the negative thoughts for a positive mantra like ‘Get 1% better every day’ or ‘I love taking care of myself’. A simple memorable phrase to play on repeat in your head will empower you to keep going.

Always be kind to yourself. It’s ok if things haven’t gone to plan so far this year. Try not to beat yourself up about it. Re-frame slip ups in your routine as opportunities to learn what doesn’t work for you. Take those learnings, adjust your routine, and move forward.

We hope these tips help you to blow away the cobwebs and refresh your routine. You’ll be feeling spick and span for spring in no time!

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