Stockport career opportunities fit to shout about

Stockport career opportunities fit to shout about

A Stockport man who went from gym goer to general manager is urging others to follow in his fitness footsteps and seize exciting career opportunities on their doorstep. 

Kingsley Child, from Stockport, joined Life Leisure as an apprentice straight out of college simply because he enjoyed the gym and ‘didn’t know what to do’. Just 12 years later, he is responsible for a more than 1,500 members and a team of 10 staff.

Now, the thirty-year-old fitness fan is encouraging others with a passion for community, health and fitness, to consider a career in leisure.  

And with around 10 vacancies at Life Leisure centres across Stockport, ranging from life guards and swimming teachers to duty managers and receptionists there has never been a better time to do it.

Kingsley, who is general manager at Life Leisure centre in Houldsworth, Stockport, explained: “The apprenticeship was the best thing that happened to me. After doing my A Levels I knew university wasn’t for me – the courses didn’t interest me. When I found out about the apprenticeship it became the obvious choice. I loved going to gym, keeping fit – it was basically getting paid to do my hobby.”

Kingsley completed a year-long apprenticeship with Life Leisure (previously Stockport Sports Trust) where he was responsible for a range of different tasks, from equipment maintenance and cleaning, to front of house and sales.

He said: “That experience and everything I’ve done at Life Leisure since then has led me here, which is amazing. If anyone out there is thinking of doing an apprenticeship, or has that same initial passion I did, I’d say get in touch – you might be amazed where one initial enquiry could take you.

“If you met me as an 18-year-old you’d think I wasn’t very confident and just wanted to keep my head down. Now I really thrive on engaging with people and speaking with members – it’s incredibly rewarding.”

Life Leisure is a Community Interest Company, owned by Stockport Council, which manages 11 sports and leisure facilities in and around Stockport. It also delivers a broad range of sports and physical activity.

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